Note: All orders must be placed 2 days in advance.
Mini includes: White or Brown Rice, Teri Beef, Ume & choice of main entree
Large includes: Everything above plus Egg & Hotdog
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Choice of Chicken: Garlic, Spicy Garlic, Mochiko, Sesame, Katsu or Korean
   Large ... $10.95 / Mini ... $7.75
Quantity:  Size:  Style:  Starch:

   Large ... $11.50 / Mini ... $8.25
Quantity:  Size:  Starch:

Salmon or Mahi Mahi
   Large ... $11.45 / Mini ... $7.95
Quantity:  Size:  Fish:  Starch:

   Large ... $11.95
Quantity:  Starch:

Choice of Ahi: Garlic or Spicy Garlic
   Large ... $11.95 / Mini ... $7.95
Quantity:  Size:  Style:  Starch:

Combination: Choice of any two entrees from above. Excludes Teri Beef ... $14.75
Quantity:  Starch:
 First Choice:  Second Choice:

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